*By Amanda Weston* Before Jordin Sparks became a multi-platinum recording artist and winner of "American Idol", she made some of her best vacation memories on the water. Now a mom to a 14-month-old baby boy, she's making new family memories of her own. "It's amazing to be able to create those memories with my own son now, and he loves water," Sparks told Cheddar Wednesday. "So it's important for me to have some element of water there because he loves it so much, whether it comes out of a faucet, a spray bottle, or a pool. He loves it." But Sparks recognizes the importance of teaching children to be safe around the water. This summer, she has partnered with Kalahari Resorts to donate to the USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash program, which teaches children in underserved communities how to swim. "Studies have shown that kids who know how to swim, they're healthier, they're more confident, and who doesn't want that for their kids?" Sparks said. "Because kids should be able to have fun around bodies of water, but also be safe as well." Sparks also partnered with Kalahari ahead of National Waterpark Day on July 28. In the meantime, the singer told Cheddar she has acting projects and new music in the works.

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