Now that cannabis is legal in California, many people are wondering how to add it to their recipes in the kitchen. Alyssa Julya Smith joined Jeff the 420 Chef in the kitchen to talk about his specific technique to clean cannabis and make sure you are taking out all the smells and flavors to seamlessly add to your food. Jeff invented his own method for cleaning cannabis to ensure it is truly tasteless. Jeff's cleaning process, which he has named 'freeleaf' starts by soaking your cannabis in a french press for three days until the water runs clear to remove the flavor. Once the water in the french press runs clear, you add it to a strainer and put it in boiling water before plunging it in ice to complete the blanching process. He explains that it is important to bake the cannabis for 60-75 minutes at 214°F because the terpenes evaporate and you lose them when you cook with cannabis, which is part of the "tasteless" cannabis process. The heat also activates the psychoactive properties in the cannabis. Finally, the cannabis is added to butter in a french press to merge the cleansed cannabis with the butter or oil. This allows for seamless integration into recipes. Jeff also talks about the importance of calculating your cannabis intake. He had invented a calculator to help do that, which you can find on his website:

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