*By Christian Smith* The actor Jason Biggs and the New York Times best-selling author Jenny Mollen shared the worst-kept matrimonial secret Wednesday when they were asked to account for their decade-long marriage. "The secret is just being able to laugh," said Mollen in an interview with Cheddar. The couple co-host the new game show "My Partner Knows Best" on Lifetime. The competition pits partners against each other, testing them with challenges based on real-life relationship obstacles. Mollen said filming the show was its own for her and Biggs. "There were ups and downs on the show," she said. "You definitely see our our full marriage unfold." Even with two children at home and a busy work schedule, Biggs and Mollen said they were open to new projects. "Jenny is the best writer I know," said Biggs, best-known for his role as Jim in the "American Pie" movie franchise. "I want to write a book with her, but I would bring her down." When asked what kind of book they would write, Biggs suggested a "parenting book for children." "It's never too early to start," said Mollen, author of "I Like You Just the Way I Am" and "Live Fast Die Hot." "My Partner Knows Best" was to have its premier Wednesday at 10 pm ET on Lifetime. For the full interview, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/jason-biggs-and-jenny-mollen-share-an-inside-look-at-their-new-game-show-2).

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