Kelly Weill, reporter for The Daily Beast, and Peter Van Voorhis, reporter for Red Alert Politics, discuss Trump's Saturday tweet and whether it could implicate him in obstruction of justice. After speaking with reporters Saturday and adamantly proclaiming that there was "no collusion" with the Russians, Trump took to Twitter. The president said that he fired Flynn for lying to Vice President Pence and to the FBI - the latter statement could implicate Trump in obstruction of justice. Van Voorhis adds that the conversation around the tweet may be overblown. If Michael Flynn does not say that Trump told him to speak to the Russians, he may have nothing to worry about. Kelly discusses what Michael Flynn's collaboration with the FBI and special counsel Mueller might reveal about the investigation. She expects more to be revealed as the two work together. She also weighs in on why President Trump's attorney John Dowd claimed to have dictated the tweet, and what that means for Trump's legal team as a whole.

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