President Trump took to Twitter Thursday to walk back comments calling for increased gun control. Kassy Dillon, founder of the student conservative website Lone Conservative, says the commander in chief was facing backlash from his base. One of Trump’s more eyebrow-raising suggestions was to confiscate “the guns first, [and] go through due process second.” Dillon pointed out that statement runs counter to his previous position. “A few weeks ago, [Trump] was talking about due process and how it’s absolutely necessary when one of his staffers was accused of domestic violence,” she said. In a tweet Thursday, Trump doubled down on his support for the NRA, saying to “respect 2nd Amendment!” Dillon is an advocate of minimal gun reforms to ensure “people who shouldn’t have guns aren’t getting them.” She said that this can be achieved on a local level, where “state governments and the military are better in contact with the federal government,” rather than by pushing through federal policy changes. For the full interview, [click here](

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