When it comes to reaching peak success, talent and IQ might be just a small piece of the puzzle. The trick to unlocking full potential could lie in the power of grit. Angela Duckworth, New York Times Best-Selling Author of "Grit", explained her theory of grit as a predictor of success. When asked about whether it is better to pursue something you are good at, or something you're passionate about, she says the two are not mutually exclusive. Duckworth referenced a book by Olympic Gold Medalist, Lindsay Vonn. The skier said she wasn't the fastest when she first started, but was so in love with the sport that she developed talent through her passion. Duckworth thinks grit can be taught. She is optimistic about closing the achievement gap. The psychologist does not believe character strengths are necessarily a product of a person's family's socioeconomic status or other circumstances out of a one's control.

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