Running a successful business can be far from glamorous. In fact, its often a grind that requires determination, grit, and sacrifice. So, what drives top entrepreneurs to keep at it day after day? This Changes Things hosts Jill Wagner and Baker Machado take a look at where some of the top founders and CEOs find their inspiration. Tina Sharkey, Co-Founder of Brandless is inspired by the power of nature. She says it's a reminder that we are just a small speck of sand in the larger universe. CEO and Founder of Hint, Kara Goldin, finds her inspiration by traveling and experiencing different cultures. She says the people she encounters give her fresh perspective and help drive her creativity. Plus, Pure Barre Founder Carrie Dorr says she's inspired by people who posses a combination of great intelligence and an equal amount of humility...a combination she finds, is very rare.

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