[Mashable](https://mashable.com/2018/02/25/marshall-islands-nuclear-testing/) recently published a three-part multimedia project on climate change. The series shines a spotlight on the Marshall Islands which are considered a forgotten nation still reeling from nuclear testing. Mashable Science Editor Andrew Freedman explains the impact of this project, which features journalist [Kim Wall](https://www.rememberingkimwall.com/)'s last unpublished work since her tragic death in 2017. Freedman says this report aligns with the company's three pillars of climate, human rights, and social good. "This work really shows that she had a lot of raw talent, and that she was on the cusp of a great career," said Freedman about journalist Kim Wall. "She could find really interesting stories pretty much anywhere." When looking at the state of climate change, almost 70% of millennials say this environmental issue will affect them in their lifetimes. On millennialls being the generation to drive change, Freedman says "they are the only generation that can--that has to or we'll run out of time."

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