Mike Bloomberg, three-time mayor of New York City, was not on the Democratic debate stage last night, but his senior advisor Tim O'Brien told Cheddar Friday that Bloomberg's time governing a major metropolis will help him moving forward.

"He has a long list of policy prescriptions that are not only promises but are based on the fact that he's governed and delivered on solutions to voters in the past," he said.

Bloomberg, whom O'Brien said is "nipping at Pete Buttigieg's heels," did not qualify for last night's debate because his campaign is self-funded. He is relying on a different approach in what he hopes is his path to success, already outspending his Democratic opponents on television and online ads.

The candidate has spent at least $24 million on Google and Facebook already, nearly matching President Trump's $31.6 million in ad spending on the platforms this year.

The other 2020 Democratic candidates have also sparred over the subject of experience, and the sixth Democratic debate last night was no different. Senator Amy Klobuchar challenged Mayor Pete Buttigieg for the South Bend mayor's lack of time spent in national governance.

"The last time we debated, you, basically, mocked the 100 years of experience on the stage," Klobuchar told Buttigieg. "I just think you should respect our experience when you look at how you evaluate someone who can get things done."

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