From extra Jonas Brothers to good news from Madonna and Tori Kelly, here's what's happening in entertainment.

Jonas Bros Dates

Calling all Jonas Brothers fans! The band is set to embark on The Tour in just over two weeks and if you haven't snagged your tickets yet, you have an additional 50 chances to catch them live.

The band just added dozens of new tour dates to their already-full schedule, including a number of international stops. Most of the shows will be played in arenas that typically have under 20,000 seats but there are a few stadium dates for those looking for a bigger crowd. 

The brothers are expected to run through five albums each night which will be slightly different from their brief Broadway run in March, where a single album was the centerpiece of each show during their 5-night run. 

The addition of the new dates means that instead of wrapping up in October, the brother will continue touring into next summer. 

Madonna Update

After a health scare, Madonna is back on her feet and has a little two-step to prove it.

Weeks ago, the 64-year-old landed in the ICU with a reported bacterial infection, but now with her energy back up and health clearly improved, she celebrated the 40th anniversary of her first album Madonna.

On Instagram Thursday she shared a quick video of herself grooving to her hit Lucky Star and in the caption thanked her fans for their unyielding support. "To be able to move my body and dance just a little bit makes me feel like the Luckiest Star in the world!" she wrote.

Prior to her health scare, Madonna was scheduled to hit the road on The Celebration Tour but was forced to reschedule. Those dates have yet to be announced


Tori Kelly Update

Singer Tori Kelly posted a message for fans Thursday after collapsing days earlier. On Instagram she posted a handwritten message that read, in part, "It's been a scary few days but I can feel your prayers." 

"I'm feeling stronger now and hopeful but unfortunately there are still some things to uncover," she added.

The medical emergency came just days ahead of the slated release of her Tori EP and she told fans how upset she was that she would not be able to promote the project as planned.


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