MJ's Biopic

The King of Pop's memory is set to live on as another Michael Jackson biopic is said to be in the works. Director Antoine Fuqua was tapped to lead the project titled Michael. Lionsgate is distributing the project, and the film will address all aspects of the musician's life, including the many controversies, according to the studio. Fuqua has a decorated resume, including directing projects like Shooter, Brooklyn's Finest, Training Day, and The Equalizer.

Scream VI Takes NYC

Ghostface is set to take his killing rampage to the Big Apple. Paramount just released its trailer for Scream VI, and this ride is definitely different from the other installments. Can you imagine the iconic murderer terrorizing a major city — especially a place where people like to dress up in costume every day? One particularly glaring difference is the absence of actor Neve Campbell. Due to pay disputes, she decided not to be part of this latest project.

Fly With Netflix

Netflix is offering a dream flight attendant job with a staggering salary. If you have the chops to be the best in-air attendant, you could make about $350,000. The average flight attendant makes a little more than $60,000 annually. The streaming giant said the figure is based on total compensation, not just the base salary, and it's all dependent on experience. Still, it seems like too great of a gig to not consider if you've got what it takes to fly the streaming skies.

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