From de Niro's key to the city to a podcast under house arrest, here's what's going on in entertainment.

De Niro Has the Keys

Robert de Niro is having a pretty stellar year. 

He just welcomed his seventh child to the world at the tender age of 79, his annual Tribeca Film Festival just kicked off for the 22nd time and to top it all off, the actor and director just received the key to New York City.

Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams, director and close friend Martin Scorsese, and producer Jane Rosenthal all stood next to De Niro as he accepted the key.

"The true key to the city is its people and I'm honored to accept the recognition on behalf of my eight and half million neighbors," he said during his acceptance speech.

Even after six decades in the entertainment industry de Niro, his work ethic isn't slowing down. He's currently working on a limited Netflix series titled Zero Day. The conspiracy thriller is about a former American president who comes out of retirement to investigate a global cyber attack. However, production shut down this week amid the WGA strike.

Anna Delvey Pod

Netflix's Inventing Anna, based on the true story of Anna 'Delvey' Sorokin, showed how a regular woman created a new persona and rose to the highest levels of New York society. Actress Julia Garner did a phenomenal job portraying the self-made socialite Anna 'Delvey' Sorokin and viewers got a dramatized look at how she finessed her way into some of the world's most exclusive circles. But, according to Delvey, that isn't the whole story.

Out of jail and remanded to house arrest, she has launched the Anna Delvey Show podcast to, in part, rewrite the narrative that she says has been one-sided.

"I think a lot of people have all of these misconceptions and they only know this caricature from the media. I can't blame them [because] if it gets repeated enough times, you can't help but ingrain that," she told the Associated Press.

Tony Awards Sunday

Despite the ongoing WGA strike CBS is moving ahead with the Tony Awards.

The 76th annual show will go on Sunday, June 11 from the United Palace in New York City. Oscar winner and Tony nominee Ariana DeBose has been tapped to take up hosting duties. With the ongoing writer's strike this year's show will at least sound a bit different as it goes ahead without any written scripts.

One of the biggest changes of the evening is a rap that was set to be written by Lin Manuel-Miranda and would have been performed by host DeBose, is no longer happening. And as the show goes on, CBS will air the ceremony live starting at 8 p.m. ET and will also stream the show on Paramount+.


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