From a track and field legend to a soap opera's golden anniversary, here are your top entertainment headlines for today.

An Icon Living: Carl Lewis

Nine-time Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis is forever etched into American history as one of its most iconic athletes, and LeBron James and Noah Media Group wants to make sure a new generation knows his story, according to Variety. Executive produced through LeBron's Uninterrupted platform, Lewis' 18-year career and how he became the Olympics' sportsman of the century will be examined. Viewers also will learn about the former track superstar from his family and close friends and see archival footage that has never been shown before. Additionally, the documentary will take a look at Lewis in the present day, his coaching work on the track, activism efforts, and what he has set for the next stage of his life.

Brandy as Cinderella

Disney's newest Descendants installment featuring Brandy and Paolo Montalban is officially underway and we have proof! The House of Mouse released a few images from the set of the Descendants: The Rise of Red, showing Brandy and Montalban all decked out in their royal garb as they reprise their roles from the iconic 1997 Cinderella film. The fairy tale couple, who are still happily married in this sequel, have a daughter named Chloe who will be the focus of this latest chapter. Other iconic Disney characters and their offspring have also been featured in the series of Descendants movies, including Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, and Jafar. A release date has not been revealed.

50 Years of 'The Young and the Restless'

Can you believe the CBS soap, The Young and the Restless, has been on television for half a century? The network is celebrating its golden anniversary this month. Remarkably, it also has been the number one daytime drama for the last 35 years. Created by WIlliam J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell, the long-running series follows a number of Midwestern families and the ins and outs of their very dramatic lives. The network and showrunners will celebrate, at least in one way, with a masquerade ball storyline this week continuing through the next. Expect surprise appearances from fan favorites and the unearthing of even more secrets.

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