From Cannes controversy to streaming the NFL playoffs, here are your top entertainment headlines.

Cannes' 76th

The 76th annual Cannes Film Festival is set to get underway, and as a slew of Hollywood heavy-hitters convene to watch a crop of highly-anticipated projects, the festival isn't coming free of a little drama.

The weekend will start with the premiere of Jeanne du Barry, starring Johnny Depp in his first major role in over three years. The film comes on the heels of Depp's tumultuous defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The movie is about a prostitute played by the film's director, Maïwenn, and her ascent up the social ladder to becoming the mistress of King Louis XV of France. It is, at least in some regard, being overshadowed by Depp's involvement (as the king). Brie Larson, a festival juror, deflected a question from a reporter about her potentially seeing it despite her publicized support of the Times Up movement.

"I‘m sorry, I don’t understand the correlation of why me specifically,” Larson responded, according to Deadline.

"I'll see it when I see it," she continued. "I don't know how I feel about it frankly."

Also making Cannes headlines is the unlikely collaboration between rapper 50 Cent and director and actor (and controversial figure himself) Mel Gibson. The duo teamed up on a Lionsgate-led project titled Boneyard, a crime drama that sees the two working to solve the serial murders of 11 women.

Arnold's Terminator

Back in Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently isn't a fan of The Terminator sequels.

He originally launched the franchise in 1984, and starred in two sequels. The former bodybuilder/actor/politician lavished high praise on the projects that he worked on but said the latter flicks were lackluster.

"The first three movies were great," Schwarzenegger said. "Number four I was not in because I was governor. Then five and six didn't close the deal as far as I'm concerned. We knew that ahead of time because they were just not well written."

He also noted that the franchise would not be ending but that he also would not be involved because, "[it is] clear the world wants to move on with a different theme when it comes to The Terminator."

New NFL Deals

The marketing behemoth that is the National Football League continues to expand its footprint with some hot new TV deals.

The NFL, in concert with CBS Sports, just inked a deal with TelevisaUnivision to air Super Bowl LVIII. The coverage expansion offers the NFL a chance to draw in more Spanish-speaking audiences. In previous years, the NFL and CBS inked deals with ESPN Deportes in order to offer Spanish language coverage of the biggest game of the year. 

Ahead of the Super Bowl, the NFL also struck up a deal with NBCUniversal's Peacock for the first-ever livestream of an NFL playoff game. The caveat: the game will only be available to national audiences on Peacock while the local markets only will be able to access the game on traditional TV. 

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