From Britney's bad day to a piece of hip-hop history, here's what's happening in entertainment.

Britney Spears Assault

It's not such a great day to be Britney Spears after reports rolled in that the singer was assaulted.

Spears apparently filed a police report after being hit in the face by a security guard for incoming NBA rookie and number 1 overall draft pick Victor Wembanyama. She and her husband, Sam Asghari, were dining at Catch in Las Vegas when they ran into Wembanyama and his entourage. TMZ reports that when she tapped the hooper, in hopes to get a quick photo, she was backhand slapped across the face.

The security guard, Damian Smith, apologized right after the incident but Spears went ahead with filing a police report. 

The Eagles Farewell

After 52 years, the iconic Eagles band has announced its final tour.

The Long Goodbye tour is set to kick off in New York City on September 7. The first leg will only have 13 dates, so act fast if you want to be in attendance. The last show is set to wrap up in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Xcel Energy Center on November 17. However, the tour is expected to pick up again in 2024 and run through 2025.

"Our long run has lasted far longer than any us ever dreamed. But, everything has its time, and the time has come for us to close the circle," the band said in a statement.

Tupac's Ring

Tupac Shakur's iconic crown ring is set to hit the auction block.

He wore the ring during his last public appearance at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards, which was just days before his untimely death. It's being sold as part of an auction series meant to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop.

The gold, ruby and diamond filled ring is expected to rake in up to $300,000 at Sotheby's. There's an engravement that reads, "Pac & Dada 1996," which was an ode to his relationship with Kidada Jones. It is said to be inspired by Machiavelli, an alias Shakur ironically had began going by near the end of his life. 

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