Rihanna's Documentary

Rihanna's return to the mainstream has been highly anticipated for the better part of six years. Things seem to be falling in place to kickstart her next era as she's set to take the stage during the halftime show at Super Bowl LVII, and director Peter Berg revealed that he has completed his documentary featuring the singer, selling the project to Amazon. "It's been six and half years of filming, so yeah, it's ready to come out," he told The Hollywood Reporter. Berg said he's just waiting on Rihanna to approve the doc before it is released.

Billboard's Award

Billboard is introducing a new honor for music industry executives. Dubbed the Power Players' Choice Award, it will be given to an executive who has had the most impact on the industry during that voting cycle. Voting will be conducted by Billboard's Pro members, which anyone can sign up for if they are willing to pay a monthly subscription fee. Nominee selections will begin on January 6, with the second round of voting taking place on January 11, and the final round beginning on January 13. 

Golden Globes '23

A dark cloud has hung over the Golden Globes; most recently because of the lack of diversity in its voting body as well as a lack of diversity in the nods for its most prestigious awards. But the Hollywood Foreign Press awards show is attempting to make a comeback. After failing to secure presenters or have nominees present at the private, non-televised 2022 ceremony held at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, the 2023 ceremony is set to actually air on January 10 at 8 pm EST on NBC and Peacock. 

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