Cocaine Bear was a hit in theaters earlier this year. Now we've got a real-life "soda bear" in Canada. Local news sources reported that a black bear broke into a car in British Columbia in the middle of the night and started drinking soda, drinking a total of 69 cans. The vehicle's owner runs a food business, so she uses her car for storage. The bear's reported drink of choice? Orange crush.


The hunt is on for a retired NASA spacecraft that was set to return to Earth. The spacecraft launched in 2002, observing solar flares and recording over 1,000 events until NASA decommissioned it in 2018.The defense department said the re-entry was scheduled to take place around 9 p.m. eastern on Wednesday night, but it's unclear where it landed.


Officials in Okaloosa County, Florida sank an old ship to create an artificial reef. The ship is now resting upside down at a depth of about 72 feet. Experts said the structure will provide marine life with a robust ecosystem, and that there will be more deployments of this kind in the future.

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