For a process that could wind up determining the rest of a student's life, college applications don't leave much room for personal expression. ZeeMee's Adam Metcalf joins Cheddar to discuss how his company is putting "stories over scores," and eradicating biases in the process. The co-founder explains how his experience as a high-school teacher inspired him to find a better way for applicants to present themselves to universities. Metcalf walks us through how the app works and why it's caught on with students in over 150 countries. He also explains how ZeeMee helps applicants in underrepresented communities even the playing field. The app also helps students with learning disabilities who struggle on traditional writing-heavy applications. ZeeMee is also getting into business with colleges themselves. Metcalf explains how universities around the country are using the app to share video and communicate with prospective students. Finally, he previews the company's new chatbot feature that automatically prompts users with discussion points and questions.

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