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It's not just you: robocalls and spam texts are multiplying these days. Too often do our phones light up with random texts and rings from unknown callers. Annoying, disruptive and potentially even endangering to our privacy, these unwanted contacts are notoriously tough to stop. 

Finally, put an end to the madness with the RoboKiller Spam Call & Text Blocker: 2-Year Subscription. Imagine going two whole years without any scammer calls or texts. Now imagine paying only $49.99 for that guarantee. In case you’re somehow not already sold, read on for the many features you’ll benefit from. 

RoboKiller eliminates 99% of spam calls using a predictive call blocking algorithm. It intercepts incoming spam calls in under 0.01 seconds, so your phone never even rings. You can adjust the advanced customization features to create block-and-allow lists, pause call blocking and more, so you never miss a call from anyone you want to hear from. 

Not only will you enjoy a spam-free phone life, but you can also get a bit of revenge. Choose from a library of hundreds of Answer Bots to pick up and troll those scammers right back. It’s the little things, amirite? 

RoboKiller also blocks 95% of spam texts, which are on the rise of late. Scammers know no bounds, either: there have even been imposters taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, sending texts posing as experts from the CDC or World Health Organization

Protect yourself with this raved-about solution, which has been featured on the likes of NBC, Engadget and Wired, and has 4.5 stars on the Apple Store and 4 stars on the Google Play store.

Get the RoboKiller Spam Call & Text Blocker: 2-Year Subscription for $49.99 (Reg. $79), a savings of 37 percent.  

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