With job security being uncertain across a number of sectors, the American workforce is beginning to look toward career paths beyond their realm of expertise.

Kathyrn Minshaw, founder and CEO at The Muse, joined Cheddar News to offer some advice that could help make your transition onto a new career path easier. She noted that now is an opportune time for people to explore opportunities outside of their  comfort zones.

"Make a plan. It is much easier to execute a career change when you have a really clear idea of where you're going to. So speak to someone to understand and really lay out what are your strengths. What are your transferable skills" she told Cheddar News.

She noted that connecting with former superiors and co-workers can help gauge where your strengths lie and areas you might need to improve.

When it comes to marketing and rebranding yourself, Minshaw said it is a "several step process."

One of the most important steps she mentioned was getting familiar with the industry you are interested in, including jargon and lingo that are common in the sector.

"Sign up for industry newsletters, read blogs about the potential career path you're looking to move into or print out job descriptions of jobs that you might want and highlight skills that you have and skills that you need," she added.

Minshaw also noted that keeping your resumé updated so it is reflecting the most accurate version of you is key to switching career lanes.

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