Digital media company Outernets may have a unique solution to helping brick-and-mortar stores increase their foot traffic. The company has created interactive windows that show pedestrians personalized content as they pass by. “It takes us 0.02 milliseconds to understand who you are and how to serve you with content,” CEO Omer Golan told Cheddar. “We use machine learning and computer vision to understand who’s looking at our display and, in real time, change the content to make it more relevant to them.” The technology analyzes demographic information including age and gender, and while critics have privacy concerns, the company’s COO says that Outernets does not save images or personal data and doesn’t know where consumers shop. “Right now it’s limited to what the camera sees and analyzes on the spot,” Tal Golan said. Outernets, which is based in New York, has clients that include McDonald’s, WeWork, and Dylan’s Candy Bar. For full interview [click here](

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