Brad Smith sits down with the San Francisco 49ers President Al Guido to discuss his new venture, how the 49ers are taking advantage of being in Silicon Valley, and declining NFL viewership. Recently the 49ers teamed up with CAA and Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment to create Elevate Sports Ventures. The mission is to leverage different aspects of sports media and create more opportunity for brand exposure. Guido talks about the ever-changing media landscape and how the 49ers are using companies like Facebook and Twitter to help stay connected with fans. Having one of the first connected stadiums was a top priority for the 49ers. Guido explains the idea behind building Levi stadium as software-driven rather than hardware-driven. Plus, Guido discusses the team's thoughts on Colin Kaepernick and protests within the NFL. He says he's very proud of what his team has accomplished on and off the field. He's inspired by the work Kaepernick has done and wants to turn these protests into progress.

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