For many people, the original Pacman or Street Fighter are fond memories from their childhood. But for Paul Kermizian, those classic games are a crucial part of his business. Kermizian co-founded Barcade, a bar that combines 80s arcade games with craft beer. And it has been so successful, there are now multiple locations. It all started off as a hobby. “I had four games in my apartment, and I would just have parties. It would just be like four people all playing, people watching lined up,” Kermizian told Cheddar. A lot of Barcade’s popularity is rooted in nostalgia. People across generations who visit the bar come together over their love of vintage games. “I consider...these their own work of art. Between the cabinet art and the game play, the design...for me they’re art,” said Kermizian. For the full interview, [click here](

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