Ralph Lauren is doubling down on wearable tech with its official 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics uniform for Team USA. “Trying to come up with technology that’s wearable has to be about what the customer wants and needs,” David Lauren, Chief Innovation Officer at Ralph Lauren told Cheddar. “It really depends on who that customer is. This is a customer that’s walking in cold weather. We couldn’t decide what the temperature was going to be. Do you do a layering system? So technology just married perfectly with the need of the consumer.” Ralph Lauren has been making uniforms for American Olympians since 2008. For the summer games in Rio in 2016, the company made a light-up jacket sported by then-flag bearer Michael Phelps. This time around, Ralph Lauren chose to go with an insulated bomber jacket that keeps people warm for 11 hours, thanks to a heat-conducting ink. Its temperature is also adjustable by smartphone. Lauren says the use of technology fits into the image the company -- and the team -- is trying to project in South Korea. “When the U.S. team walks out of the opening ceremonies, we want them to feel like they’re representing our country,” he said. “And what is our country about? About leadership, about innovation, looking to the future. So there’s always symbolism in everything that the athletes feel and do out there. They’re on a global stage, and this is the stage for America, and how they look and feel is part of it.” For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/ralph-lauren-unveils-2018-olympic-ceremony-uniforms-for-team-usa).

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