Nicolas Cage is on a bloody hunt in his latest action thriller “Mandy.” So how does the Oscar-winning actor prepare for such a role? “For me, film performance is like music, and I think all great art aspires to be music,” Cage told Cheddar in a recent interview. “And when I read the script I saw the notes that I could hit, in terms of my own life experience and emotional resources, so I can play [Red Miller] authentically.” Joined by “Mandy” writer and director Panos Cosmatos and co-actor Linus Roache, Cage premiered his first film at Sundance this past week and says that he’s thrilled to participate in the festival. But the movie landscape has been changing, as more viewers opt to see films at home or via streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu. While some actors would say that films were intended for the big screen, and in most cases Cage certainly agrees, he noted that movies like 1983’s cult classic “Videodrome” are best watched at home. “That movie is about a virus that’s going through the cathode ray tube, so if you’re watching on TV it [feels like it] could happen to you,” he said. For full interview [click here](

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