If you're trying to be healthy, you read the labels on the food you eat, but do you ever check the ingredients on your tampon box? LOLA is out to change that with it's 100%-cotton feminine products. Co-Founder Alex Friedman joins Cheddar to discuss how her company is getting rid of the stigma surrounding talking about periods. Friedman says LOLA is changing the way women talk about their periods, simply by encouraging them to do so. The company offers customizable assortments delivered to your door via a subscription service. She explains the difficulties in marketing a product that people are so resistant to discuss. The brand is introducing its first category introduction outside feminine care. Cramp Care uses holistic products to relieve menstrual cramps. Friedman also shares how LOLA is donating 1,000's of tampons and pads to NYC homeless shelters this Gal-entine's Day.

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