Becoming the first American man to win an Olympic medal in luge has opened up a world of possibilities for Chris Mazdzer. “There are some endorsement deals coming my way,” the silver medalist told Cheddar. “This has completely changed my life. It hasn’t changed who I am, but it changes what I can do.” Mazdzer points out that Olympic athletes can work long and hard without ever seeing much financial rewards. He, for example, had been training for 21 years, juggling practice with bartending and working weddings just to make ends meet. He says, “Some athletes work two, three jobs, just to keep doing what they love doing.” To raise awareness, Mazdzer donated $5,000 -- about a third of his winnings -- to athlete-mentoring organization Classroom Champions. He’s also raised over $35,000 more in matched contributions. He’s also planning for a future after sports. “I want to go into financial planning, but I also want to go fulfillment planning,” he said. “If you can manage how you view money and if you can manage how you feel about what you’re trying to do with your life…then you have the chance to be completely at one with yourself.” For the full interview, [click here](

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