Nearly half of American families have no retirement savings at all according to the Economic Policy Institute. The figure is even lower for Hispanic families with some estimating as few as one in four Latino families has a retirement account. That is why Carlos Garcia started Finhabit. Finhabit is an app that comes in both English and Spanish and helps users start saving for retirement. Garcia wanted to start this product after his own personal experience. Garcia grew up on the Texas-Mexico boulder and despite being taught the importance of working hard, his parents did not display retirement saving habits. So even when Garcia started his first job at Merril Lynch, he was still behind. Garcia missed out on 2-years of saving for his 401K with a company-matching program because he had never heard of something like that. Garcia says Finhabit has been growing by 100% each month and feels strong about future growth. The hope is to both educate Latinos and set more families about for secure financial futures.

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