The Ad Council is a non-profit promoting public service advertisements with the goal of tackling social issues. The organization is behind campaigns such as "Smokey Bear," and "Friends Don't Let Friends Drink and Drive." Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of Ad Council, sat down with Kristen Scholer to discuss some of the group's most successful campaigns of the year. Sherman says the organization uses the super power of media for good causes. On the top of the list of social issues are suicide and breast cancer. Sherman fills us in on the Ad Council's campaigns for suicide prevention and for raising awareness of the fact that African-American women are significantly more likely to get breast cancer than white women are. The Ad Council's "Love Has No Labels" campaign went viral and became a big hit for the non-profit. The original video was seen around the world over 160 million times. Sherman highlighted the Diversity and Inclusion PSA as the ad she is most proud of.

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