*By Conor White* The filmmaker Gotham Chopra has achieved the filmmaking equivalent of a first-season playoff berth, earning a Sports Emmy nomination for his documentary series, "Why We Fight," produced by his Religion of Sports Media company. "We're in the company of shows on Netflix and Showtime and HBO, so yeah it's affirmation," Chopra said during an interview Monday with Cheddar. "A year ago it was just an idea, a seed of an idea, and to be in competition tomorrow night with these sorts of partners? Pretty amazing." Chopra, the son of the author Deepak Chopra, started Religion of Sports Media with the football stars Michael Strahan and Tom Brady to help athletes share their thoughts about competition and life off the field directly with their fans. "There's all these platforms that enable athletes, or really anybody, to share their message," said Chopra. "Obviously athletes, celebrities, etc., have these embedded audiences in all these different places, so yeah it's great, but I also think again it's complimentary to the ESPNs, FOX Sports, HBOs, Showtimes, all the traditional networks." Chopra is also a co-creator of the Facebook Watch series "Tom vs. Time", which followed Brady during the 2017 NFL season. Chopra recently traveled to Qatar with Brady and his family, but wouldn't say whether or not a second season of the show was in the works. For the full interview, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/gotham-chopra-on-fighting-for-an-emmy).

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