According to new research, 88 percent of melatonin gummies were inaccurately labeled. A lab analysis of 25 different products showed that just 3 were within 10 percent of the quantity given on the label. The products they tested ranged from up to 347 percent of the label quantity to one product having no melatonin at all, although it did have 31 milligrams of CBD. Melatonin products are not approved by the FDA and are sold as dietary supplements, not medications. 


Wendy's iconic chili, which the fast foot chain has served since 1969, is coming to grocery stores across the U.S. this spring. The canned version will have beef, peppers, beans in a tomato-based sauce. This isn't Wendy's first foray onto grocery store shelves . The company released "Wendy's Frosty Chocolatey Cereal" in 2021 and partnered with Pringles for flavors based on their chicken sandwich and the "Baconator" burger.


Your next TikTok avatar might come with the power of artificial intelligence.  Amidst the controversy around the use of AI tools, TechCrunch has confirmed that TikTok is testing a new feature that would allow users to use AI tools to create unique, stylized avatars. The feature was first spotted by an industry analyst named Matt Navarra, who posted a demo of the feature on twitter. According to Navarra, users can upload 3 to 10 photos of themselves per day. TikTok will use the photos to generate 30 unique avatars in different styles.

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Buses of Migrants Seem to Use 'Loophole' to Avoid New NYC Rules
A New Jersey mayor says buses of migrants bound for New York City have been stopping at the train station in his town and others in an apparent effort to evade an executive order by New York's mayor trying to regulate how and when migrants can be dropped off in the city.
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The world population grew by 75 million people over the past year and on New Year's Day, it was estimated to stand at more than 8 billion people, according to figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau on Thursday.
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