Netflix on Tuesday said it would begin rolling out paid sharing in the U.S. in the second quarter of this year. The news is not a total surprise. Back in January, Netflix confirmed that it would start to crack down on account sharing. It's also already cracking down on password sharing in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal., where users were given the option to add two more people outside of their homes for an additional charge. Netflix estimates that 100 million households are currently engaged in password sharing. 


The FDA has announced a plan to streamline its COVID-19  vaccine guidelines. The agency approved another booster for older adults and those with weak immune systems, and anyone getting a Pfizer or Moderna dose will now get the newest formula, not the original shots. The emergency use authorization of those older messenger RNA vaccines has been withdrawn. The new guidelines will mostly affect Americans over the age of 65 and people who are immune-compromised. They can get a booster four months after the first.


A submarine known as "The Defender," built in 1907, was found off the coast of Long Island. The submarine went unused for years, and the U.S. Army scuttled it back in 1946 but never said where they sank it. Its location was unknown until a diving team from Connecticut found the submerged wreckage.

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