For athletes, being in tip-top physical shape is very important. But according to this UFC champ, it takes more than that to compete and win. To outperform, Georges St-Pierre told Cheddar in an interview on Cheddar Wednesday, that he makes sure that he trains in three categories: physical, tactical, and technical. The middleweight champion is fresh of a titular win at UFC 217 from last Saturday. “Confidence of a competitor comes from how he prepares himself, and I was very well prepared,” he said. “It’s a little bit like when you study for an exam. If you studied well, you’re very confident that the exam will go well.” While St-Pierre acknowledges that preparation does not ensure winning, he says it’s required to win. The martial arts fighter told Cheddar that it’s imperative to view all three components of his training regimen as complementary to each other. Mental preparation, or the tactical aspect, is about clarity, and focusing on things that the athlete can control. He told Cheddar that a common mistake among athletes is focusing on other people. Winners don't focus on their fans or critics, he says, but on their opponents instead. He encourages athletes to focus only on what they can control, “especially leading up to a fight.” On the flip side, the physical preparation or being in shape, is the foundation, according to St-Pierre. Technicality is one’s ability to understand and excel in the sport, ie, knowing things such as chokes or counterattack strategies. The combination of these three elements ultimately results in one thing, St-Pierre says: focusing on yourself.

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