Cheddar stops by Esquivel shoes in Southern California to learn about the intricate 100-step process involved in making some of the most in-demand shoes for Hollywood's elite. George Esquivel is at the center of it all, and takes Alyssa Julya Smith on a tour of his warehouse, where each shoe is handcrafted to perfection. Esquivel's process takes over 100 steps to complete, and he has been perfecting and developing his craft for more than two decades. Esquivel explains that each shoe tells an individual story, and explains that he takes a specific mold of a person's foot to complete the custom-made footwear. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Ryan Seacrest, Laura Dern, and Michelle Monaghan are huge fans. He is also one of the most sought-after footwear designers for NBA stars, who have a hard time finding shoes big enough to fit. Esquivel keeps the molds, and is able to custom-make shoes for some of the biggest feet in the world.

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