Genies is a new app that launched late last year which allows users to create personalizable look-alike and expressive emojis that react to what’s going on in real-time -- everything from breaking news to cultural holidays. CEO Akash Nigam sits down with Cheddar to talk about what went into creating the app, including the company's proprietary AI technology designed to make the app the first of its kind. Nigam acknowledged that the emoji space is becoming more saturated, but insists Genie is creating something that will stand out from the crowd. The young CEO, who was nominated for Forbes 30 under 30 in 2016, recently raised $15 million in investor funding to further develop the technology. He also discusses the value of having celebrities like Shawn Mendes and Chainsmokers attached to the brand as investors and celebrity ambassadors. Nigam says the company plans to make Bitmoji obsolete with its new upgraded technology.

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