As of this week, eight NFL teams remain in contention for Super Bowl LIV. Five of them power their stadiums using A.I. from Satisfi.

Despite expanding into music festivals and other notable entertainment venues, Satisfi co-founder and CEO Don White says that sports remain the company's number one priority.

The technology gathers stadium data from a number of resources like employees and websites and then makes that information available to fans through voice assistants.

"Whether it be a Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri Apple products," White told Cheddar on Monday. "We're really providing more content that fans want to these devices."

Questions answered by these devices can include "Where's the nearest bathroom?" or "Where's my favorite beer?" White says Satisfi can take the data it gleans from these conversations to inform the venue.

"People want certain kinds of beer," White said. "We're able to take that information to beer providers or stadiums and say, 'this is what people want. Stock more of that and they'll buy.'"

In March of last year, Satisfi got some major league backing. Major League Baseball led a $6 million funding round that resulted in a new product launch.

"It's all about voice and commerce," White said. "We launched a ticketing platform this year so that you can buy your tickets through a conversation with a bot on a website."

Satisfi is not yet profitable because of continual re-investment in the business, says White, and further global expansion is in the cards on the heels of the company's recent launch in London. He also teased "looking at something in Asia."

"If anybody wants me to go profitable, I can go profitable right now," White said. "But we're trying to grow the business rapidly and that's why we're investing in it."

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