Dave Cullen, Author of "Columbine" joins The Hive from Tallahassee, Florida where he's following the protests of Parkland students. He's been interviewing groups of students over the past few days and gives us a glimpse inside how they plan to keep the #NeverAgain movement alive. Cullen says over the past 48 hours most students went from being sad to furious to hopeful. Governor Rick Scott, who has an A+ rating from the NRA, agreed to meet with the students and they seemed happy with his willingness to listen to the issues. Plus, how are the students working through their grief? Cullen says the movement seems to be helping the students cope with the reality of the shooting. He does worry that some of them are postponing the grief and will be hit by it later. The kids go back to school Tuesday but say they will charge ahead with the movement.

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