*By Madison Alworth* Neel Premkumar, CEO of energy-shot company FORTO, thinks he can hit a billion dollars in sales in five years. And he hopes a recent deal with Walmart can help get him there. "It's a huge deal. Walmart took us into the coffee aisle, which is the first time a small-rated, coffee shot made it into the big boys' \[club\]," Premkumar told Cheddar on Friday. FORTO, whose two-ounce shots contain as much caffeine as one or two cups of coffee, expanded its reach to 3,700 Walmart stores just last month. The growth is part of what Premkumar called a "new wave of coffee." "We've more than doubled every single year. We are probably the fastest-growing beverage brand in the U.S. at this point." For full interview, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/forto-coffee-shots-for-energy).

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