Kirschner breaks down the key to engaging digital content. He says marketers face a big challenge as audiences fall into small pockets. The recent Facebook newsfeed change drives home the fact that to engage an audience, you have to be able to reach people on a direct, micro level, he adds. Greenfly works with Fortune 100 brands including MLB, which uses the company as a workflow tool to activate the right people to share the brand’s story. Green says that as a player, he always loved tech. The former all-star explains that social media’s impact on the game has been big, and players know they can leverage their brand online. As a former advisor with the FCC, Kirschner comments on the impact of net neutrality. The decision is a mistake, he says. He adds that one of the key drivers for Greenfly’s success has been equal access to the internet. Kirschner explains that anything enabling internet service providers to dictate winners and losers will negatively impact smaller companies.

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