As society becomes more dependent on technology, some fear A.I. will take over and replace human jobs. Others believe it will advance human innovation and help society progress. Nathan Myhrvold, Founder & CEO at Intellectual Ventures and former Microsoft CTO, was with us to discuss whether we should be afraid of technological advancements. Myhrvold said throughout history, people have worried whether the next innovation with cause widespread loss of employment due to the adoption of a new technology. Elon Musk has been pessimistic about a future with robots, going head-to-head with Mark Zuckerberg. Myhrvold said there isn't a reason to believe it will hurt us. The former Microsoft CTO also explained how humans can remain relevant in a world dominated by technological change. He said the key is great education. Myhrvold adds that we need to do a lot better job at teaching in this country.

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