Microsoft recently announced a new $50 million commitment to fight climate change with the power of artificial intelligence. They'll put these funds to work in its "A.I. for Earth" program, which uses artificial intelligence technology to drive sustainability around the globe. Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Scientist at Microsoft, joined us from Paris, France to discuss how Microsoft will put the new funds to work. Microsoft is using the funds to increase seed grants provided to those working on climate and environmental issues. Joppa says the grants will give these groups access to the latest cloud and A.I. technology. The focus of Microsoft's "A.I. for Earth"program is to improve efficient generation and reduce energy consumption. The availability of new tech will help to accomplish these goals. One of the key focuses for Microsoft is the future of water. In the next 20 years, demand for fresh water is predicted to outpace supply. The company is using A.I. to clean up and make more efficient use of our oceans in order to help conserve and protect the resource.

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