*By Amanda Weston* For the CBD-loving friends on your holiday shopping list, Eaze Wellness has stocking stuffers. Eaze Wellness, which [launched in November](https://cheddar.com/videos/eaze-helps-navigate-a-crowded-cbd-landscape) as a CBD marketplace, released a [holiday gift guide](https://www.eazewellness.com/article/eaze-wellness-gift-guide-cbd-legal-products-ship-nationwide) for both CBD devotees and first-timers. "There's a lot of curiosity and interest around CBD," Eaze Wellness Associate General Manager Betsy Holland told Cheddar Tuesday. "It is definitely one of the buzzwords this holiday season." Holland said the company's goal is to do more than sell products ーEaze also wants to educate consumers about CBD and the best ways to incorporate the product into a healthy lifestyle. "It's really a personal thing where people are trying these products and seeing their effectiveness and figuring out how to incorporate it into their own health and wellness lifestyle routine," Holland said. "So I think that gifting these products is an awesome chance of education." Holland joined Cheddar to highlight some of the company's favorite CBD items this season, all of which are returning some proceeds of their sales back to charity, including the Equity First Alliance, American Forest, and the Global Girls Alliance: 1. [Kiskanu CBD Skin Rub](https://www.eazewellness.com/menu?product_id=18785) - $40 The anti-inflammatory skin rub features not only hemp oil CBD, but also St. John's Wort, comfrey, and beeswax. "Up first, we have the Kiskanu CBD Skin Rub, which is great for beginners or those who are interested in trying CBD," Holland said. "It is a topical that you could apply to any type of joint pain and feel the relief within 10 to 15 minutes. 2. [Plant People Full Spectrum Drops](https://www.eazewellness.com/menu?product_id=18824) - $69 These drops are marketed as promoting relaxation, addressing stress and anxiety, and supporting brain and body function. "The drops are a great product for someone who wants precise dosing," Holland said. "The really cool thing about these drops is that in addition to under your tongue, personally I put it in my coffee in the morning. I also put it in some tea at night. So there's multiple ways to use it. 3. [Kana Skincare Purple Rice Hemp Sleeping Mask](https://www.eazewellness.com/menu?product_id=22224) - $65 Eaze Wellness writes the cannabinoids and green tea leaf water help reduce skin's inflammation. Customers apply the mask before going to sleep and then wash it off in the morning. "It's a face mask that you sleep in overnight," Holland said. "This mask really helps with decreasing that puffiness and making you look alert, alive in the morning, and it also makes your skin super soft." For full interview [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/eaze-wellness-highlights-holiday-gift-options-for-cbd-lovers-and-newbies).

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