Over the past 50 years the global population has nearly doubled. Because of this, the relationship between humans and nature has had to change dramatically. Earth Decoded explores the surprising effects of our modernizing world on the planet we call home.

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How Humans Caused Our Own Allergies

Sniffling. Sneezing. Runny eyes. Springtime brings a rush of seasonal allergies that plague us — but historically, allergies were mild — if they existed at all. In fact, allergies became a force to be reckoned with only in the 1970s. Cheddar explains how we’re to blame for our own allergies.

Why Cell Towers Are Being Disguised as Trees

Cell towers disguised as trees have been sprouting up all across America for the past 30 years. And for the most part they stand out like, well, a cell tower. The faux-pine camouflage is not fooling anyone. With concealment costs at an average of over $100,000 per tower it begs the question...why?

How Do We Know if Animals Are Actually Extinct?

According to the United Nations, our planet is amidst the sixth mass extinction of plants and animals. In most cases, this extinction is permanent. Yet there are species who were considered to be extinct that ended up reappearing years later. So what does it take for an animal to be declared extinct and is it even possible to say something is gone forever?

Why the World Sends Its Plastic Trash to Malaysia 

Southeast Asia has become the world’s largest importer of plastic scrap. Bales of imported plastic shipped in from the U.S., Europe, and China flood the ports in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Underground industries of illegal dumping sites are rampant. Cheddar explores what's happening and the recycling myth that caused it.

Dinosaurs Were Probably Feathered, Bright...and Beautiful

Dinosaurs are related to modern birds and reptiles, so it makes sense that they would share similar traits. But most depictions lean more toward the reptile aesthetic. However, new research proposes that dinosaurs were most likely covered in colorful arrays of feathers. So, has Jurassic Park been wrong all this time?

How Your AC Could Help Instead of Hurt the Environment

Imagine this: your air conditioner is powered by renewable electricity. It also captures carbon dioxide from the air and converts it into energy to power your home. In other words, your home becomes its own power plant all while fighting climate change. According to a team of scientists, this is feasible with the technology we have today.

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