Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez had to make the tough choice to make when it came to leaving their love of basketball to pursue other interests outside of the sport. The twin sisters sit down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles to discuss their singing and modeling career as well as the beginning of their lifestyle brand. The duo started out as basketball stars at UNLV when they said they made the tough choice to leave the league in order to start their own lifestyle brand. They discuss what attracts them to partner with certain brands over others and how they want to keep their message authentic to who they are. The Gonzalez sisters also discuss how they want to be role models for other women in sports and advocate for acceptance within the sports world. They discuss some of the hardships they have experienced with having to conform to a certain standard and not being taken seriously in their sport because they also love fashion and makeup. They say they want to show young girls how to stay true to themselves and go for their dreams.

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