Dr. Mae Jemison, astronaut, medical doctor, chemical engineer and Bayer's "Making Science Make Sense" ambassador discusses the pharmaceutical company's partnership with toy retailer HearthSong on an initiative to put more STEM toys under Christmas trees throughout the United States. For every STEM toy purchased through HearthSong.com, Bayer will donate the full merchandise value of that toy to the Marine Toys for Tots foundation. The foundation will then take those funds to purchase STEM toys from HearthSong for a discounted price to donate to children. Dr. Jemison discusses why HearthSong toys are unique and why it is important for parents to lead when it comes to getting children more involved in science, technology, engineering, and math. When it comes to the fact that based on research, parents tend to buy more STEM toys for boys than girls, Dr. Jemison says that if parents buys a doll for a girl, but a chemistry kit for a boy, they are setting that tone and it is up to them to change it.

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