Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi was a prosecutor at the Brooklyn DA's office for 21 years. During her time there, she never lost a case. Now, the prosecutor is taking on a new case. Nicolazzi is the host of the new Investigation Discovery show, "True Conviction." "True Conviction" is a true crime show that focuses on homicide cases across the country. The series focuses on the perspective of the prosecutor. Nicolazzi notes this perspective is important because the prosecutor is on the case from the moment the body is found until the case is hopefully solved and the murderer is successfully convicted. When asked what crime shows typically get wrong, Nicolazzi says its more an issue of timing. She wishes cases were solved as quickly and seamlessly as they are in Law and Order and the like. Nicolazzi notes that one of the important things this show is able to do is show the good work that prosecutors and law enforcement do across the country.

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