In this week's "Hive Five" Kristen Scholer and Jon Kelly discuss tension in the White House between President Trump and his Chief of Staff John Kelly. Plus, how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is handling the search for Amazon HQ2. It was recently reported that President Trump was considering replacing John Kelly and his daughter, Ivanka, will help in the search. Gabriel Sherman and T.A. Frank discuss what's in it for the President's daughter and who may take Kelly's seat. Will Amazon replace workers with robots? As the company searches for its second headquarters in a very public way, many are wondering if it will even create jobs for the city it's built in. Maya Kosoff and Bess Levin discuss how the company may turn to robots to take care of certain jobs within the warehouse and shipment center. Plus, Trump's trip to snowy Davos. Bess Levin and T.A. Frank talk about the public's perception of the President and what his time in Switxerland will look like.

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