Fitbit's wearable tech and Deepak Chopra's mindfulness are coming together amid the pandemic's mental health crisis.

In an exclusive partnership called the Mindful Method, the virtual wellness program recently launched for Fitbit Premium members with 10 guided meditations to aid in sleeping, deep relaxation, and stress management. The new content suite by the self-help guru ended up on the platform after a lot of research, according to Chopra.

"I was always looking at a way to validate, scientifically, through digital technology, how we manage stress," he said. "I thought that Fitbit was the best partner."

Chopra added that he was confident that the wearables company has the most advanced tools to help gather even more health data which can possibly be used for research in the future. 

He also addressed the pandemic's impact on global health and the concurrent financial crisis said he hopes the related stress can be mitigated with the product. 

"Mental health is a crisis and it affects physical health when you are angry or depressed or stressed or feeling guilty or shame or have a lot of anxiety. That creates physiological havoc," he said.

The self-help guru also offers personalized sessions via his own app, which features a digital AI version of Chopra himself -- his "mind twin." 

"The future of well-being is precise, it's personalized, it's predictable, it's preventive, it requires your participation, and it's a process," Chopra stated. 

The service intends to add more sessions by Chopra on a regular basis through June. 

A media personality, self-help guru, and alternative medicine proponent, Chopra is the founder of the Chopra Foundation, a nonprofit focused on spirituality, health, and well-being according to its website.

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