Starting a business can be empowering, but marketing to a small group of customers and users can also be challenging. Megan O'Connor, CEO and Co-Founder and Clark, joins This Changes Things to discuss how she shined a light on an underserved market. Clark is a virtual assistant tool for tutors and helps individuals add a little organization to their business. O'Connor said the most challenging part was actually reaching her potential customers. Since there was nothing like this on the market, a lot of tutors flew under the radar and had no centralized place for resources. O'Connor said her team would send snail mail to potential users, just to get the word out. Plus, how can you take your gig economy job and turn it into a full-time gig? O'Connor talks about knowing the right time to scale your business. She also suggests starting small and focusing on one vertical at a time. As your company grows you will start to see where your resources are needed.

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