*By Carlo Versano* Coco uses three simple ingredients to throw a successful party: "fabulous DJ," "fabulous food," and a photo booth. The first two are no-brainers, but the booth, the entrepreneur and reality TV star said, allows guests to let loose. "I always have a photo booth," she said Friday in an interview on Cheddar. Coco, who is also married to rapper Ice-T, demonstrates how to throw her kind of party on Friday's episode of "David Tutera's CELEBrations." She enlists Tutera, an event planner known for pulling off jaw-dropping fetes, to throw her a baby shower. (The episode was taped a while ago; Coco's daughter, Chanel, is now 2 years old.) Since she and her husband don't plan to have more children, Coco said she "wanted to do it big." She settled on a non-traditional, coed dance party with a "cocktail vibe" and touches of Coco Chanel style to celebrate the union of her daughter's name with her own. In addition to her roles as mom and reality star, Coco has her Cocolicious line of lingerie, "booty lift" leggings, and sex toys. She said she picks her products personally ー "if I want to have them for myself." Her next undertaking will be a line of matching outfits for moms and their kids tailor-made for Instagram. Coco and Ice-T are raising their daughter to have opportunities they didn't as children. Chanel is "already prepared" for life in the entertainment industry given her famous parents, Coco said ー but school comes first. "She can do the stuff I can't do," Coco said, plus, "all the fun stuff." "David Tutera's CELEBrations" airs Fridays at 10 pm ET on WE tv. For more on this story, [click here](https://cheddar.com/videos/coco-imagines-life-in-the-white-house-with-ice-t).

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